8-11 May 2008, Kardinal Schulte Haus, Cologne, Germany
Keynote Speakers
  1.  Irving M Shapiro (Philadelphia, USA)
    “Cellular and molecular biology of intervertebral disc in health and disease’
  2.  Frank Rauch (Montreal, Canada)
    ‘Interactions of nerves and bones’
  3.  Michael Bliziotes (Portland, USA)
    ‘Neural regulation of bone and the skeletal effects
    of serotonin’
  4.  Albert Gollhofer (Freiburg, Germany)
    ‘Functional adaptation of neuromuscular system to training and learning’
  5.  Hans Schiessl (Pforzheim, Germany)
    ‘Tendons control muscle forces and bone adaptation: Cybernetics of the tendon-muscle-bone unit’
  6.  Jörn Rittweger (Alsager, UK)
    ‘Master athletes, what makes them different from the rest of us?’
  7.  Eckhard Schönau (Cologne, Germany)
    ‘New Treatment Strategy on Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Diseases in Childhood and Adolescent’
  8.  Helmut Minne (Bad Pyrmont, Germany)
    ‘Non pharmacological treatment in patients with osteoporosis: goals and principles’
  9.  Nicola Crabtree (Birmingham, UK)
    ‘Fracture prediction and bone status analysis in childhood: Different tools and parameter?’
  10.  Dieter Felsenberg (Berlin, Germany)
    ‘Muscle/Bone adaptation in weightlessness’
  11.  Bony Specker (Brookings, USA) ‘Calcium and exercise requirements for optimal bone development’
  12.  Tepo L. Järvinen (Tampere, Finnland)
    ‘Bone development during puberty and menopause? Formation and absorption of calcium reserve for lactation’
  13.  Oliver Fricke (Cologne, Germany)
    ‘Fat tissue -  modifier of bone remodeling and modeling’

  1. Genetics of Muscle and Bone Development
  2. Muscle Structure and Function during Health and Disease.
  3. Innovative Diagnostic of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions
  4. Skeletal Development and Adaptations from Childhood to Elderly
  5. Hormonal Interactions
  6. Basics of Cybernetics and Consequences for Diagnostics and Treatments
  7. Risks and Predictions
  8. From Matrix to Organs
  9. Tendon Physiology and Pathophysiology
  10. New Bone and Muscle Drugs
  11. Growth Hormone Actions
  12. Mechanostat in Bones, Muscles and Tendons
  13. Obesity and Diets and Influence on Nerve - Muscle - Bone Interactions
  14. Physical Exercise and Aging
  15. Cartilage -  Growth Plate and Regulation
Final Program (PDF, 3.6Mb)