4th International Workshop on Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions

28-31 May, 2004, Porto Caras, Chalkidiki, Greece
Executive Chairmen: Juerg Gasser (Switzerland), Toshitaka Nakamura (Japan) David Thomson (USA)

Executive Chairmen
Juerg A. Gasser, Ph.D.(Switzerland)
Scott C. Miller, Ph.D.(USA)
Brendon S. Noble, Ph.D.(UK)

Scientific Committee
Ismene Dontas, Ph.D. (Greece)
José-Luis Ferretti, M.D., Ph.D.(Argentina)
Webster S.S. Jee, Ph.D.(USA)
Theofilos S. Karachalios, M.D.(Greece)
George P. Lyritis, Ph.D., M.D.(Greece)
Toshitaka Nakamura, M.D., Ph.D.(Japan)
Frank Rauch, M.D.(Canada)
Jörn Rittweger, M.D.(UK)
Eckhardt Schonau, M.D.(Germany)
Tim Skerry, Ph.D.(UK)
David Thompson, Ph.D.(USA)
Russell Turner, Ph.D.(USA)
Thomas J. Wronski, Ph.D.(USA)

Local Organizing Committee
President: G. Kapetanos
Members: G. Latsos, G. Lyritis, J. Kirkos, K. Sekeris, G.E. Krassas, G. Trovas, F. Papadopoulou, M. Potoupnis

Invited Speakers

Constantinos Bouzakis
David Burr
Chantal Chenu
Mark S. F. Clarke
Juliet E. Compston
Laurence E. Dahners
Cyrus B. Frank
Jim Gallagher
Geoffrey Goldspink
Mark Johnson
Nigel Loveridge
Costis Maganaris
Charlotte A. Maltin
Deborah Mason
Marco Narici
Jörn Rittweger
Martin Runge
Hans Schiessl
Claire Stuart
Per A. Tesch
Wim Van Hul
Kathryn Vogel

The Chalkidiki peninsula lies around 69 km Southeast of the northern port city of Thessaloniki, which is the second biggest city in Greece and an economical and cultural center of the Balkan area.
Chalkidiki is divided into three long "fingers" which stretch out into the Aegean Sea namely the areas of Kassandra, Sithonia and Mt Athos (Holy Mountain). Located within the region of Macedonia, its winding coastline is marked by four sizeable gulfs - The Thermaic Gulf to the West, theGulf of Orfanou to the east as well as the Gulf of Toroni and the Mt Athos Gulf in the south. The three "prongs" cover a land mass measuring 2,945 square kilometers and are home to a population of around 79.000.

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Workshop's Structure

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